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Next Live Online Testing Starts August 13th, 2019 at 8pm (EST)
With This Training You'll Be Able to:
Start Working in 3 Months vs 3 Years
Don't wait years for the next large hurricane event. Get working in as little as 90 days!
Have Confidence:
Know What to Do Every Step of the Way
From the self-paced videos, interactive trainings, testing, and community you'll be supported at every step.
Get Work With ZERO Experience
IA Path's Certification waves the 3-5 year experience requirement with 15 IA Firms! Once you graduate you'll be FAST-TRACKED!
The Testing for Certification is a LIVE ONLINE COURSE. The next testing starts April 9th and is 5 Tuesday nights from 8pm-10pm (EST).
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ONE TIME OFFER ($29.99): Track Your IA Career Like NEVER BEFORE. Step by step instructions through the entire process from getting training, licensing, to getting your first deployment. Never wonder where you are at in your journey or the next step again!

Includes the Following
Testing & Certification
Self-Paced Study Videos
IA Path Online Community
Live Online Video Workshops
Training Recognized By
Get to Work With the Leader in Online Auto Training
IA Path has not only worked hard to provide top quality training, but also worked hard to build a bridge into the industry.

By developing relationships and earning the trust of some of the top IA Firms in the NATION, IA Path has partnered with them so you can get work WITHOUT the standard 3-5 year experience requirement.

We didn't stop there though, we knew that we needed to make our training online, interactive, and also provide a top notch online community to support our students and provide support long after the class is done.

The founder, Chris Stanley, has multiple Amazon #1 Best Selling books for adjusters, over 100 podcast episodes on the Independent Adjuster Podcast, does consulting with leading companies in the auto adjuster and auto appraising industry, and founded the online training institute for IA's and has over 800 enrolled students.
meet the Instructor behind the course
Chris Stanley
My name is Chris Stanley, and I am passionate about helping you become a successful independent adjuster.

I founded my company, IA Path, to help make it easier to be & become a successful independent adjuster.
Auto Damage Certification
Get the 3-5 year experience requirement WAVED so you can start receiving claims NOW with 15 IA Firms across the nation.

Don't sit around waiting, wondering, or wishing you could get work, CLAIM YOUR LIFE!
$3000 VALUE!
Interactive Workshops
Live online face to face workshops that put your new knowledge to the test.

Join students and Chris Stanley in writing estimates, completing homework, ask questions, and learn to succeed in the industry.
$1250 VALUE!
IA Path Community
Get a new career and network with the IA Path Community. Many students say this is the MOST valuable part of course.

Ask questions, interact, and build your IA Network in our safe private social media platform so you can ask all the questions you want and get answers fast!
$500 VALUE!
Crash Course Study Videos
Learn from our self-paced Crash Course study videos so you can be ready for the certification and testing.

From the parts of the car, to setting up appointments, writing estimates, and closing claims we have you covered!
$500 VALUE!
Audatex Training + 1 Month Access
Get one months access during the testing & certification to learn how to write estimates inside of the Audatex Estimating software.

You can't get access to this software for that long without a one year agreement that puts you paying $250/mo! Except here.

Plus Get the Audatex Adjuster's Crash Course. A Full course on how to use the software now included in this bundle!
$500 VALUE!
Claim Portal
All homework and testing is upload through a live claim portal giving you VALUABLE experience.

Thanks to Claim Leader you'll be familiar and ready to upload to IA Firms and familiar with the process.
$100 VALUE!
See What Others Have to Say
IA Path has developed a comprehensive, yet concise, course to put you on the fast track to becoming an Auto Appraiser/Adjuster. Chris figuratively takes you by the hand and shows step by step what to do from the get go. 

Going through this class is what gave me the abilities and confidence to contact my first appraisal company for work. I heard back almost immediately and one week later was working on my first claim with a second one following within 24 hours!! - Robert Nodine
 I’ve enjoyed this auto crash course. Chris teaches everything you need to know about starting in this new career field.  I had a pretty deep knowledge in vehicle repairs, but I needed hands on training in knowing the whole job as a IA and I specifically needed training on writing estimates in Audatex. I can honestly say I feel pretty comfortable in doing my whole job now!  - Brian Sellars
I just wanted to share this moment. I signed up with IA Path last Sunday and its Wednesday just in those few days the course/modules helped me at my job as an auto claims adjuster to review and identify a certain part of the vehicle involved in a total loss. I was smiling from ear to ear!! 
- Deborah Mundle
Chris teaches you the foundation of Auto Adjusting and then builds from there. This is not a lecture, it is hands on from picture taking to actually using the estimating software and producing an estimate. This course is about as good as any classroom courses. You can ask questions and Chris is quick to respond. This includes live sessions with everyone in the class answering questions and interacting with each other. Very much worth the cost. - Mike McConnell
I’m a skeptic by nature and most of the time when I see courses available online a red flag goes up in my mind. But unlike so many other courses out there this course (and IA Path in general) is the real deal. After speaking to Chris on the phone (something he makes it very easy to do unlike a lot of others) I was confident enough in his expertise and experience to invest and I’m glad I did. 

I graduated two weeks ago and have been busy joining IA rosters and completing test claims. The techniques, resources, and relationships Chris talks about are 100% real and will set you on the path to running your own successful IA business. Thanks Chris! - Ian Graham
The way Chris has painstakingly planned and tweaked this class is amazing. He touches on everything you need to know to get started and adjusting quickly and smartly. He takes the time to go step by step and explains things so anyone can understand. He actually cares about his students and has great results to show for it. Not to mention companies that trust his teachings. Well done! 
- Brian Higgins
This course was the best decision I made to get me started in my career change as an Auto Damage IA. There is no better course online. Chris gives you straight to the point information to help all his students succeed in the industry. - Chanel Tran
Thanks so much for this class, it was exactly what I had hoped for. My biggest question was how to get connected with the agencies that can assign the work. This class has helped me reinforce my prior training as well as listen to other students questions about how to make this a successful endeavor. 
- Keith Homeszyn
This course was amazing not only because of the material but the people that you take this journey with. The difference that i see in my confidence to handle a claim is a world apart from when i first started. The major parts are talked about in detail along with the little things. The little things you can't learn just from looking up videos or even being in other groups. - Charles Gunnell
  • Certification: Includes live online testing and certificaiton WAVING the 3-5yr experience requirement with 15 IA Firms! - $3,000 Value
  •  5 Live Workshops: Apply your new knowledge with Chris Stanley's help in our live interative online workshops. - $1250 Value
  • Videos: Self-paced study videos and testing preparation - $500 Value
  • Community: Lifetime access  and support from the IA Path Community - $500 Value
  •  Software: 1 Month Access to the Audatex estimating software for training - $250 Value
  •  Portal: Get experience with a live claim portal! - $100 Value
TOTAL VALUE of $5850!
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