Are You Ready for Hail Season?
With This Training You'll Learn How to:
Session #1: 
Inspect Hail Like a Pro
Learn how to inspect, write, and estimate hail damaged vehicles
Session #2: 
Cash In on Cat Storms
Learn about the catastrophic auto deployments, drive-ins, and licensing
Session #3: 
Crush the Hail Season WITHOUT it Crushing You
Learn how to handle bulk field claims with ease with the
"4 S's to Stress Free Scheduling"
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ONE TIME OFFER ($19.99): Get a Step by Step Guide to Being and Becoming a Catastrophic Auto Hail Adjuster. Includes a Physical, Digital & Audio version of the Hail Adjuster's Playbook!

6 Great Speakers!
Get More Catastrophic Hail Deployments!
What does a catastrophic independent hail adjuster actually do? How do I become a catastrophic adjuster? Is this the right career for me? Is this hard on the family? How much money do catastrophic adjusters handling auto make? What is paintless dent repair? How much time will I spend on the road? What are the working parts of a catastrophic hail event?

Independent adjusting and catastrophic hail expert Chris Stanley answers these questions and more in this guide to becoming an Independent catastrophic hail adjuster. He also shares how to be the best adjuster on a storm. Not everyone can succeed in this field, and even fewer have what it takes to be an A-List Adjuster. Luckily, Chris shows you how to do both inside the pages of this book.

Beyond the basics, Chris explores the big picture of the inner workings of a hail catastrophe and how to navigate the deep relationships between adjuster, insurance companies, repair shops, paintless dent repair companies, and most importantly, the owner of a hail damaged vehicle.

Whether you are simply considering a career in hail adjusting or are a seasoned veteran, this book will teach you everything from the basics to advanced adjusting tips & techniques. You will learn the pros, cons, good, bad, and the ugly about the details of daily life as a Catastrophic Hail Adjuster, as well as life lessons that any service-based worker or manager can use to become a customer-centered technician and reap the rewards this will bring.
meet the Instructor behind the course
Chris Stanley
My name is Chris Stanley, and I am passionate about helping you become a successful independent adjuster.

I founded my company, IA Path, to help make it easier to be & become a successful independent adjuster.
30+ 5 Star Reviews on Amazon for His Book the Hail Adjuster's Playbook!
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